Chick Master Ventilation and Heat Recovery Systems

Chick Master have developed a comprehensive ventilation system to ensure optimal incubator performance. Chick Master together with HES can supply turnkey hatchery ventilation and heat recovery solutions to new and existing hatcheries. This way we can ensure optimal machine performance and maximizing on energy savings. These systems always guarantee correct fresh air volumes, pressure control and prioritize hatchery bio-security.

Hatcheries are significant producers of heat energy.

During the incubation of eggs, a very large amount of embryo heat is produced and is traditionally removed using water chillers.

Chick Master has developed a system that recovers heat from the developing embryos and recycles this energy into the incoming hatchery fresh air.

This is achieved by removing the heat from the warmed water cooling return line using a heat recovery coil, through which the warm water return is channeled while passing the incoming cold air over the coil. The result is a double benefit, since we not only have warmed incoming air that now requires little or no extra heating, but the warmed return water in the heat exchanger returns to the chillers colder than before.

Not only are we saving valuable gas, coal or oil energy in heating the incoming air to the hatchery, but we are also saving valuable electrical energy from the much-reduced use of the water chillers. This form of heat recovery is known as primary heat recovery and is responsible for the major share of heat energy recovered and electrical energy saved.

In addition to the heat recovered from the primary source, a secondary source of heat recovery can be found in the exhaust air from the setters and hatchers. This is known as secondary heat recovery.

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