E-CAT is a French company and a worldwide supplier of hatchery and laboratory automated equipment.

Our solid background comes from many years of experience in the hatchery automation industry, which enables E-CAT to provide their customers with a full range of turnkey systems for eggs, chicks, trays and waste handling for capacities ranging from 30000 to 120000 chicks an hour.

E-CAT also offers their clients assistance in the re-organisation of their hatcheries, taking into consideration all of the important sanitary and work flow requirements of today's hatcheries.
E-CAT's wide range of hatchery automation
equipment includes:

  • Laser based egg candling unit with removal or marking of unwanted eggs
  • Egg inoculation equipment
  • Chick sexing and vaccinating equipment
  • Egg and chick weighing systems
  • Various conveying systems
  • Egg transfer equipment from setter trays to hatcher trays
  • Automatic equipment for boxes, trays and trolleys
  • Industrial washers
  • Waste storage and waste treatment
  • Coming soon: Automated sexing equipment
For more information, please download the following PDFs: