Welcome to Movosa Company – Home of MOBA South Africa

Movosa Co. (Pty) Ltd are the marketing, stocking and servicing agents for MOBA Egg Grading and Egg Packing machines in Southern Africa.

MOBA is a global organization that offers total solutions for making egg grading, packing and processing more efficient. Our global team of skilled specialists is there to help you with implementing and maintaining the most innovative and profitable equipment, designed for your business.

Servicing the egg market since 1988, Movosa Co. are well established and are the preferred choice for manual and fully automated egg grading and egg packing requirements.

We are based in Johannesburg, and provide service and back-up nationwide.

Movosa stock a full range of spare parts and can locally provide service, maintenance and refurbishments to all MOBA machines.

To improve our service offering to the commercial egg market, Moba Egg Processing equipment is now available under the MOBA portfolio. Moba now specializes in egg processing equipment, for all egg liquid and further processing requirements from egg breaking and separation, pasteurization to liquid egg processing, freezing and egg drying.