Hatchery Equipment Suppliers (Pty) Ltd

“Hatchery Equipment Suppliers Pty Ltd (HES), a customer focused organization that tenders to the needs and requirements of the poultry industry in Southern Africa. The core of HES's business is Poultry Incubation Systems, Climate Control Systems, Hatchery Automation and related equipment. Established in 1982 and representing Chick Master Incubator Co and ECAT – Egg Chick Automated Technologies, HES provide hatchery design and layout, incubation systems, hatchery automation, ventilation and energy management requirements in both small and large scale commercial hatcheries. HES stock the largest range of incubator spares and service the majority of the southern African incubator market with locally trained engineers. Chick Master Incubators dominate the Southern African market.”

"We will maintain our position as the industry leader of hatchery design and equipment sales. In the process, we are committed to providing a superior combination of quality equipment, technical expertise, and customer service in a manner that exceeds the needs of our customers both domestic and international. The value of a purchase from Hatchery Equipment Suppliers will continue long after the sale and the integrity of the client will be protected by the only company that has specialized in the hatchery industry for over thirty years in Southern Africa."
Our agencies represented include: CHICK MASTER, E-CAT, HYDOR.


No other incubation manufacturer can offer the range of products and customer support like Chick Master and HES. Whether you need a small or a large incubator, for almost any commercial application, we have a proven system to offer.


We also recognize that incubation equipment lasts for a long time, so our systems are created to allow you to upgrade your incubators and hatcheries to take advantage of newer technologies as they become available.

Ventilation & Heat Recovery

Chick Master have developed a comprehensive ventilation system to ensure optimal incubator performance. Chick Master together with HES can supply turnkey hatchery ventilation and heat recovery solutions to new and existing hatcheries.

Below are some of our products and services we have to offer:

Full range of world class Chick Master Incubation equipment to suit various trays and production capacities including:

AVIDA Series– single-stage incubation systems

  • State of the art, all-in-all-out, trolley based system for the ultimate in incubation.
  • Best hygiene practice – superior chick quality

CLASSIC Series – fixed rack multi stage incubation systems

Proven performer, tried and tested, reliable, easy to use, excellent results guaranteed

  • Hatchery design, layout and turn key projects
  • Hatchery climate control, room ventilation and heat recovery systems
  • Central hatchery monitoring, alarm software and computer systems

CC3 – Climate Control Solutions – custom built ventilation and chilled water systems for hatcheries including:

  • Temperature, Humidity and pressure Control
  • Integrated chilled water system with buffer tanks provides setters, hatchers and ventilation
  • Heat recovery function
  • Zeus Control System manages all functions to optimize hatchery performance

+ Energy Management Systems – for the discerning hatchery owner

Small incubators – for the emerging farmers

  • Model 48 eggs; Model 96 eggs with auto turning function
  • Model 60 Manual turning
  • Model 1056 – 264 eggs per week - Automatic
  • Model 16 – 528 eggs per week - Automatic
  • Model 36 / 12 – 1584 eggs per week - Automatic
  • Model 72 / 24 – 3168 eggs per week - Automatic
  • Model 216 / 72 – 9504 eggs per week - Automatic

  • Hatchery Automation - Full range of E-Cat – Egg Chick Automated Technologies - equipment for egg transfer, chick counting, vaccination and tray, basket and crate washing equipment
Ancillary line of products:

  • Egg holding and storage farm trolleys (various sizes and designs to suit all tray types)
  • Chick Delivery trolleys
  • Chilled Water Systems – Air cooled chillers or Evaporative Coolers
    • Wide range of spares parts for most incubators from 40 years old till present technologies
    • Plastic and Fibreglass setter fan board c/w grill upgrades
    • Humidistats and controllers
    • Plastic setter trays and hatcher baskets (132, 54, 165, 130, 126, 150, 36 and new 82 egg sizes)
  • Chick Delivery baskets – New plastic Hatcher-2-Farm basket for day old chicks – locally manufactured
    • Hydor Fans– agricultural and poultry fans and ventilation solutions
    • Gas Brooders for rearing day old chicks
  • Egg Washers
  • Pulleys for poultry house curtains
  • Calibration Kits

Small scale abattoir / processing equipment capable of processing 300 broilers per hour consisting of:

  • 12 bird stunner/bleeders
  • 200L scald tanks
  • Drum pluckers – 300 birds per hour
  • Eviscerating troughs
  • Drip and cooling trolleys – 108 birds
  • Stainless steel tables and whole bird packing cones
  • Cut-up machine
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