Egg Processing

Moba Egg Processing, for all egg liquid and further processing requirements such as:

  • Egg breaking and separating
  • Liquid egg filtration and pasteurization
  • Egg liquid pumps and storage tanks
  • Eggshell augers
  • Egg centrifuges and
  • Egg dryers

From Egg to Raw Product

Before the actual processing of egg liquids starts, the eggs need to be broken, and in many cases, albumen and yolk need to be separated. In this section of a processing plant, important steps such as loading the eggs on the breaker, candling, sanitizing and the breaking action itself determine the starting quality of the product. Key factors involve achieving the best possible separation with the highest yield, combined with the lowest possible contamination, in all steps of the process.

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Brochure - Egg to Raw

Raw Product Handling

The part of the process that takes place between breaking and pasteurising is called the raw-product handling. Before the egg product is pasteurised, there are a number of required actions. This ranges from cooling and storing the product prior to pasteurisation to creating added value for the end product by applying certain recipes required by the end user.

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Brochure - Raw Product Handling


To preserve any food product as long as possible it makes sense to eliminate as many microorganisms as possible. Many products can be sterilised at a high temperature for a very short time. The most commonly used sterilisation methods are known as HTST (high temperature, short time) and UHT (Ultra-high temperature).

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Brochure - Pasteurisation

End Products

Once the eggs are broken and the liquids are separated, blended and pasteurised, the products need to be prepared for the end user. In this stage of the production process, careful handling is required to maintain quality.

There are three basic end products:

  • Liquid form: Packed in small packs or bags, containers or complete tank trucks.
  • Frozen form: Identical to liquid handling except for the extra treatment of freezing the product.
  • Powder: Albumen, yolk or whole eggs can be turned into powder. However, producing egg-white powder requires totally different technologies than those used for yolk or whole-egg powders.

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Brochure - End Product Handling

Keys to Success

Certain elements in egg-processing installations are not about one specific step in the process, but apply to more - or even all - stages of the process. This brochure describes the items that influence a complete project and are the essential keys to success.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. This saying is certainly true for egg-processing plants. Even with the best equipment, end products will be of poor quality if aspects such as infrastructure, piping, pumps, CIP (cleaning in place systems) and operating procedures in the plant are not matched seamlessly.

We believe that our customers are best served with a strong focus on a total process rather than on specific pieces of equipment.

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Brochure - Keys to Success