Farm Packers

Moba Farm packers can safely and gently pack your ungraded eggs directly off all types of eggs belts via an egg accumulator.

Using the principle of “individual egg handling”, eggs are accumulated and put onto rollers are then orientated into one uniform direction to ensure their points get packed down. With the greatest care, the eggs are transferred to the track or carrousel before being automatically packed into all known types of trays. The result of this concept of packing is a better performance and a net production that's very close to the theoretical maximum capacity of the Mopack.

Mopack Farm packers are designed for your profit. High performance egg packing machines with net capacities close to the theoretical maximum coupled with well-built robust designs. Their low-maintenance technology along with their hygienic and easy to clean construction makes these Farm packers reliable and hard working companions for your egg production business for many years to come.

Capacities range from: 55 cases per hour, 70 cases per hour to 100 cases per hour.

  • 55 cases = 20,000 eph
  • 70 cases = 25,000 eph
  • 100 cases = 36,000 eph

For more information, please download the following PDFs: