Chick Master Incubators & Upgrades

Chick Master Incubators

No other incubation manufacturer can offer the range of products and customer support like Chick Master and HES. Whether you need a small or a large incubator, for almost any commercial application, we have a proven system to offer.

This includes not only for commercial broilers and layers, but also turkeys, ducks and vaccine producing units.

The Chick Master range of egg incubation systems includes multi-stage and single-stage, all utilizing the latest state-of-the-art control systems and other advanced features for today's and tomorrow's modern hatchery.

Chick Master' s Avida setter series are specifically designed for single stage operation unlike many systems available today that have been adapted from existing multi-stage designs.

Superior airflow, modular design and multi-zone Genesis IV controls make the Avida setter and Zephyr hatcher systems consistently the highest performing incubator in the industry.
Our incubation systems can be adapted to suit the widest choice of setter trays and trolleys available in the poultry industry.

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Chick Master Upgrades

We also recognize that incubation equipment lasts for a long time, so our systems are created to allow you to upgrade your incubators and hatcheries to take advantage of newer technologies as they become available. We offer products that allow customers to continually modernize their egg production to take advantage of the latest innovations for improved performance at lower operating costs.

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